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  • Name: La Cappuccina, Arzimo 2013 (6x500 ml.) (dessert wine)
  • Year: 0
  • Category: E. Dessert Wines
  • Varietal: "Appassimento" (rack-drying), Garganega
  • Origin: Italy: Veneto
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Only the finest, small bunches (“arzimi”) of Garganega are selected for this sweet wine, the very nectar of the vine. The grapes are left to semi-dry in well-ventilated lofts, following techniques that are amongst the oldest and most traditional in Veronese winemaking culture, until Saint Valentine’s Day in February, when they undergo a soft pressing. The already very rich wine then matures in small oak barrels. Elegant and refined, it is sheer poetry on the palate: a harmony of taste sensations. One finds flowers, citrus fruits, quinces, peaches in syrup, tropical and candied fruits, sweet spices, roasted almonds, acacia honey, vanilla and also the typical scent and flavor of the noble rot that has attacked the drying grapes. This is a delicious wine that provokes meditation, and wraps the finest moments of our lives in a warm embrace. This sweet wine, or vino da meditazione, goes very well with desserts, petits fours, blue cheeses or goose liver paté.