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  • Name: Alfio Mozzi, Sforzato 2012
  • Year: 0
  • Category: B. Red
  • Varietal: Nebbiolo
  • Origin: Italy: Lombardia
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Deep and well-balanced, this Sforzato from Valtellina is a mountain-produced dry passito made from Nebbiolo. It has a round palate and is bursting with ripe currant and dark mature fruit. Very balanced and terrific finish. Dark ruby red with a full, ethereal bouquet with hints of leather and tobacco. Dry, slightly tannic, velvety. Vinification: after careful harvesting by hand in 7lb.-crates, selecting the grape clusters that are sparse and completely, they are dried in a special larder for three months. Food pairing: by itself and/or served with wild game, grilled meat, stews, mature cheeses or even with your favorite dark chocolate.