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  • Name: Franco Mondo Azienda Agricola Bianci di Vino 2012
  • Year: 0
  • Category: A. White
  • Varietal: Italian Varietals: White wines, Chardonnay, Courteous, Favorita
  • Origin: Italy: Piedmont (Asti)
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Grape varieties: Courteous, Favorita and Chardonnay blended in equal parts. The grapes are picked late. Then a small portion of the grapes undergo Cryo-maceration and then are fermented in wood for about 1 month. The remaining grapes are fermented in steel tanks with constant controlled temperature (12° C). After fermentation, the two parts are combined. The nose has a hint of wood with a hint of fresh fruit. The taste is tangy and fruity with hints of vanilla. Complex and elegant. Excellent with shellfish.