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  • Name: Schloss Vollrads Riesling 2004
  • Year: 0
  • Category: A. White
  • Varietal: Riesling
  • Origin: Germany:
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Schloss Vollrads is one of the oldest wineries in the world, and is located in the miracle mile between Schloss Vollrads and Schloss Johannisbereger. It was here that the first Riesling was planted, Botrytis was discovered and the first ice wine was made. This particular release is one of the area's best values. Dark golden in color. Pear. Spice. Floral. Smooth, with a sweet, dry crispness. Mouthwatering with hints of citrus, peach, quince and melon. A rich,full, elegant wine with firm structure and a long finish.