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  • Name: Domaine Masson Blondelet Pouilly Fume "Les Angelots"
  • Year: 0
  • Category: A. White
  • Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
  • Origin: France: Pouilly-sur-Loire
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Some wines bring a moment of intellectual interest, a chance to reflect on their origins, to analyse how one particular wine differs from another, a wine perhaps made from different varieties, or from vines grown on a different terroir. Some wines impress with their energy and vivacity, wines which within a moment of hitting the palate immediately instruct you to sit up and pay attention, because this is not a wine to be casually sipped, but is instead a wine to revel in, a vinous roll in the hay perhaps? Other wines, however, prefer to gently seduce you with their complexity, their exquisite balance, their texture and structure intertwined in perfect symmetry, neither so uncouth as to speak above the other. It isn't often, however, that you come across a wine that achieves all of these in a single mouthful.