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  • Name: Periodic Pinot Noir 2012
  • Year: 0
  • Category: B. Red
  • Varietal: Pinot Noir
  • Origin: California: Monterey
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Periodic Pinot Noir has a beautiful brick red color, and its naturally sweet and savory bouquet is immediately enticing. A classically fruit-forward Central Coast Pinot Noir that opens with complex aromas of pomegranate, cherry-cola and notes of rosewater. Twelve months of aging in 100% French Oak frames the deep caramel and vanilla characters of the wine. Fresh cranberry, tangerine and clove intermingle on the palate and create a delightful play on bright fruit flavors and darker, deeper earthiness. A touch of Grenache from the Paso Robles region adds a hint of spiciness and complexity to this medium plus bodied wine.