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             Distributors of Fine Wines

Purveyors of Wine specializes in distributing fine wines from small, family-owned wine producers around the world, to wine retailers and restaurants in Idaho, Wyoming, and, soon, in Montana.

The wineries we represent are passionate conservators of their land, observing sustainable farming and wine-making practices. Many are "certified-organic" grape growers, and several have qualified as "Biodynamic."

Notable Wine Events

- Wyoming

St. Mary's Wine Fest:
Little America's Grand Ballroom, Cheyenne, WY
Friday, November 6, 2020
Usually more than 20 participating representatives showcasing wines and spirts

- Wyoming

Wild West Wine Fest
Sheridan, Wyoming
Friday, March 6, 2020
"Glitz, Glamour & Giggle Water," by Downtown Sheridan Association includes a "mystery wine" contest and special VIP tasting hour. 20+ Wyoming wine reps showcase over 100 brands of wines and spirits.

- Wyoming

Torrington Rotary Wine Festival
Goshen County Fairgrounds Rendezvous Center
Friday, March 13, 2020 5-9 PM
Sample wines and spirits from around the world while enjoying a reverse auction and local talent.

- Wyoming

Reach4A Glass
Casper, WY
November 13, 2020 5:30pm to 9pm
Benefits Reach 4A Star Therapeutic Riding Academy. Hosted by the Elks Club in Casper. Reach 4A Star is a non profit that works with children and adults with varying disabilities as well as Veterans, using horses to help facilitate.

Wine Producers and Importers we represent

Purveyors of Wine represents the following wineries and importers:

Grape Expectations (importer of wines from around the world) ID, WY, MT
Schug (Carneros, Sonoma County, CA) ID-TV-SV, WY
Capitello Wines (Willamette Valley, Oregon) ID, WY, MT
Cooper Mountain Vineyards (Willamette Valley, Oregon) ID, WY
Saracina Vineyards (Mendocino County, CA) ID, WY
Three Wine Company (Matt Cline's artisan winery in California) ID, WY
William Knuttel ID, WY, MT
Graziano Family of Wines (Mendocino County, CA) ID, WY, MT
Balboa Winery (Walla Walla, Washington) ID, WY
Five Star Cellars (Walla Walla, Washington) WY
Joseph Otos (Burnside Road) (Northern CA) ID, WY, MT
Chloe Wines (importer of wines from France and Italy) ID, WY
Jackson Hole Winery (wines made in Jackson, WY from western U.S. grapes) ID
Joseph Otos (Owl Ridge) (Northern CA) ID, WY, MT
Territorial Vineyards (Willamette Valley, Oregon) ID, WY
The Piedmont Guy (importer of classic wines from the Piedmont region of Italy) WY
Three Clicks Wines (Napa and Sonoma County, CA) ID, WY
Van Ruiten Family Winery ID, WY
Vinity Wine Company (importer of wines from small, family-owned wineries in Italy) ID, WY, MT
Joseph Otos (Willowbrook) (Napa and Sonoma County, CA) ID, WY, MT
Yorkville Cellars (wines from organically-grown grapes, Mendocino County, CA) ID, WY
Cellar Door Corp. (Sundae Wines, French Toast sparkling wines) ID, WY, MT
William Knuttel (TEIRA) (Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County,CA) ID, WY, MT
William Knuttel (Ottimino) (Dry Creek Valley, Somona County, CA) ID, WY, MT
Canard (Napa Valley) ID, WY
Revana (Napa Valley) ID-TV-SV, WY
Alexana (Willamette Valley) ID-TV-SV, WY
Corazon del Sol (Uco Valley, Argentina) ID-TV-SV, WY
Two Mountain Winery (Yakima Valley, Washington) ID-TV-SV-WRV, WY
Rosati Family Winery Mendocino County, CA) ID, WY
Holloran Vineyard Wines (Willamette Valley, Oregon) ID-TV-SV-WRV, WY, MT
Kastle Hill (importer of fine German wines) ID, WY, MT
Yountville Wine Imports (importer of wines from France, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Spain) ID, WY, MT
Godspeed Vineyards (Napa Valley) ID, MT
Esquin Imports (importer of very fine wines from Burgundy) ID, WY, MT
Ant Moore (Marlborough, New Zealand) ID, WY, MT
3 Finger Wine Company (unique wines from the western U.S., sparkling wines from Spain) ID, WY
Ribevi Wines International (importer of wines from Italy) ID-TV-SV, WY, MT

The importance of "Terroir"

Each wine grape varietal, such as Cabarnet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Tempranillo exhibits distinctly different character, based on where it is grown. Differences in climate, elevation, direction of exposure, slope of the land, seasonal winds, soil composition, and traditional local wine making traditions make for markedly different-tasting wines from the same grape varietal, produced in different wine-growing regions.

POW! is working with wine industry and academic partners to build the first searchable worldwide GIS map tool to identify the best growing conditions for each wine grape varietal.

Why is small, artisan wine production important to preserving the differences of terroir?

You can taste the differences in wine from different, identifiable vineyards. Small, artisan, family-owned wine producers often have a few special vineyards from which they produce their best wines. They proudly label their best wines with the vineyard names from which their best batches of grapes are sourced. This contrasts with industrial scale of production that is associated with so-called "scaleable" brands of wine, named after horses, cars, bicycles, and anything else imaginable because the wines come from dozens of differing sources, based on what juice is available at the best price. As sales of "scaleable brand" wines grow, the original sources of grapes that were the foundation of the wine's reputation are outgrown, and it takes highly-skilled wine makers to maintain the same taste profile as more and more grapes come from new sources.

Get to know your wine makers and importers, and enjoy their hospitality.

Purveyors of Wine invites the wine makers and importers it represents to make frequent visits to meet our customers. We try to raise local interest in these special wines by organizing wine-pairing dinners, special tastings with the wine maker, and other events. Many of our wine makers are proud to show you their vineyards and wineries when you visit France, Italy, Spain, Oregon, California, Washington, etc. and enjoy their local hospitality and learn more about how their wines are made.

POW! supports local non-profit organizations:

In Teton Valley, Idaho:

  • Teton Valley Community Foundation "challenger" contributor annually
  • Teton Regional Land Trust
  • Teton Valley Trails and Pathways
  • Teton Arts
  • Teton Hospital Foundation
  • Teton Educational Foundation
  • Teton Ski Education Foundation
  • Teton Valley Foundation

In Wood River Valley, Idaho:

  • Sun Valley Center for the Arts

In Jackson, Wyoming:

  • Jackson Hole Rotary
  • Jackson Hole Masons
  • National Museum of Wildlife Art
  • Grand Teton Music Festival

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